In a context in which the explosion in the volume of data to be stored, backed up and archived is becoming exponential,
CNCR Group offers, in partnership with major market players, a range of solutions to support large organizations in their growth, under the best technical and financial conditions.

The backup

The policy of safeguarding, restoration and
CNCR-GROUP archiving system is based on
on the different SLAs (GDPR, LPM, etc.) of
our customers and is POC tested to
to optimize the complete infrastructure of the
data processing. The quality of the service
return to production remains the ultimate measure of our concept

Formalize your backup / Restoration policy

The objective is to define and apply a
clear standard, given priority to
sensitive data, manage and secure the
backup process, define the
retention periods and
renewal of information.
A backup is considered
valid if and only if the restoration has
allowed to reassemble the system.


All archival data must
respond to SLAs different from
backup and therefore must be processed
as such. From support to retention we
will accompany you in the storage of
this Onprem data or through our
various Cloud partners.