News: CNCR Group France and Integrated Service Partners USA Announce Strategic Partnership to launch ISP’s CloudServe™ platform for Value Added Resellers in EMEA

Paris, France, and Chicago, IL USA, 8th April 2022: CNCR Group, and its distribution entity SSI Informatique, today announced it is launching a strategic EMEA partnership with Integrated Service Partners (ISP), a software company based in Chicago, IL USA, to offer its CloudServe cloud-based platform. CloudServe helps any IT VAR (Value-Added Reseller) to improve profitability by managing IT assets and maintenance service contracts, with the ultimate goal to help VARs have better control and management of the services contract during the assets’ life cycle.

With this strategic collaboration on ISP’s industry-leading CloudServe Management Platform available through the SSI Distribution team, the two companies will simplify customers’ transition to the cloud and provide modern IT asset and maintenance contract management, security, automated reporting and consulting. The EMEA launch of CloudServe will take place in two phases

Immediate first phase:

Through their VAR partners, corporate end-users will be able to track IT assets and support contracts – both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and TPM (Third Party Maintenance). The VAR and its end-user customer can now collaborate on managing all IT assets and maintenance agreements on a single platform. VARs will help their customers improve IT asset tracking and maintenance contract management and protect their relationship with their end-user installed base over time.

In a second step:

CloudServe will improve OEM contract monitoring and as well as sell TPM contracts for all IT products that might require an extended life, so customers do not have to buy new assets before they are ready. CloudServe enable corporate end-users, through their VAR partners, to save 50%-70% of IT asset maintenance cost while extending the life of their assets.

“Our customers (VARs) have multiple challenges around IT assets and IT service contract management; implementing a cloud solution will help on automation and reporting,” said Gilles GABRIEL, COO CNCR Group & SSI, “With CloudServe we will help VARs improve their end users’ satisfaction, both by reducing costs and extending the life of their IT assets, while their VAR will enjoy a significant positive impact on revenue and profit”.

“CloudServe was developed 18 years ago with the purpose of helping corporate end-users and VARs with comprehensive TPM services” said Bill Kelly, founder of ISP; he continued: “with over 250,000 assets under management through ISP’s CloudServe portal in the U.S. alone, ISP is excited to work with its new Master Distributor CNCR Group to expand ISP’s platform for TPM services in Europe”.

About CNCR Group

CNCR Group is a privately held company based in Paris France that has more than 30 years of experience and success in the IT business. Over the years, CNCR Group has launched a Distributor entity called SSI Informatique supporting exclusively VARs on multiple types of needs, all related to IT Compute and Storage.

About ISP

Integrated Service Partners (ISP) is a privately held company in Chicago, IL USA, and for 18 years has been the author and global distributor of CloudServe – the IT industry’s leading Software as a Service (SaaS) maintenance contract management portal. This unique platform is designed to help IT Channel Partners (Distributors and VARs) procure, track and renew IT support contracts while assisting our partners in their ultimate goal of increasing hardware and software sales.

ISP consolidates multiple platform support agreements and service delivery into a single view, with uniform processes and functionality – partnering with both OEM & Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) vendors.

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